2nd Food Delivery 02:05

2nd Food Delivery

Join Shush Out Loud in the new fabulous food delivery!

eDeaf Graduation 2015

eDeaf Graduation 2015, come celebrate with us at the first IT awards ceremony held right here at eDeaf.

First Food Delivery 02:39

First Food Delivery

Join us for the first delivery of food after Madiba Day at Ekurhuleni School for the Deaf in Kathlehong

Meet Darren Rajbal 10:42

Meet Darren Rajbal

Meet the famous deaf hip hop dancer, Darren Rajbal.

Meet Nyeleti Nokwazi 14:56

Meet Nyeleti Nokwazi

Meet Nyeleti Nokwazi, first WITS student to ever submit a thesis IN SASL!

Discover her incredible story and be inspired, click to play!

Jenelle Joanne Ramsami in DTV (Deaf-tv) - 2012 05:34

Jenelle Joanne Ramsami in DTV (Deaf-tv) - 2012

all about my achievements as a hearing impaired woman against all odds

interviewed by dtv in april 2012
and broadcast-ed in sabc 3 in July 2012

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Meet Lauren Price 10:32

Meet Lauren Price

Meet Lauren Price, a dedicated puppy-professional.
Lauren does some amazing work at Paws R Us, rescuing poor pups from the mean streets of Jozi, come take a look and get


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