Bleeding Love [Official Music Video] with Sign Language 04:30

Bleeding Love [Official Music Video] with Sign Language

Bleeding Love - Official Music Video
With Sign Language [South Africa]

Miss 1st Princess Deaf South Africa 2014, Miss 2nd Princess Deaf South Africa and Miss Deaf A

Deaf Digital Tv L-2 (Ali Aksu Deaf Tv Show) in Pakistan 04:08

Deaf Digital Tv L-2 (Ali Aksu Deaf Tv Show) in Pakistan

DEAF TV SHOW 'Aksu Ali Welcome in karachi-Pakistan Iftikhar Tv and Junaid DDTv -Meet...

Deaf TV With Miss Lee - Balls Of Steel 03:21

Deaf TV With Miss Lee - Balls Of Steel

These celebrities are a little confused when they meet with Miss Lee and Mark, on Deaf TV. The sign language he is using may be sending some odd gestures to his guests.

Deaf TV, the TVprogram, Part 1, Christy Smith 06:33

Deaf TV, the TVprogram, Part 1, Christy Smith

Co-host Enza Iovio profiles Deaf rights activist Christy Smith, a Deaf contestant on the CBS series Survivor. Deaf TV, subtitled "Role Models" is a pilot for a

Jenelle Joanne Ramsami in acting scene 01:50

Jenelle Joanne Ramsami in acting scene "house" - Movie Titl

Jenelle Joanne Ramsami does some fun acting, check it out!

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  • 3 years ago
Kilimanjaro Challenge with Terrence Parkin 44:47

Kilimanjaro Challenge with Terrence Parkin

Kilimanjaro Challenge 2014 - St Vincent School for the Deaf

Listen with your eyes 06:02

Listen with your eyes

Meet the critically acclaimed, Deaf acting trio, Listen With Your Eyes.

Meet Marnitz Steyn 20:09

Meet Marnitz Steyn

Meet Marnitz Steyn, a Deaf Artist living in Groot Brak, Western Cape, South Africa.
Discover his incredible talent and passion for the art that he creates, watch now for

Warrior race - The Woman Edition 13:03

Warrior race - The Woman Edition

Follow the pink and pretty Deafies Warriors challengers as they tackle the Famous Warrior Race.

Wits Language School 09:13

Wits Language School

2nd Food Delivery 02:05

2nd Food Delivery

Join Shush Out Loud in the new fabulous food delivery!



DBL Productions & Jazz Hands - Signs of a Language proudly share the Music Video - Beautiful.

Lauren White, Dave De Burgh, Jaco Louw, Leana Van Rensbur

eDeaf Graduation 2015

eDeaf Graduation 2015, come celebrate with us at the first IT awards ceremony held right here at eDeaf.

First Food Delivery 02:39

First Food Delivery

Join us for the first delivery of food after Madiba Day at Ekurhuleni School for the Deaf in Kathlehong

Golf Day 2016 07:11

Golf Day 2016

Every year Shush Out Loud raises funds to better the lives of hundreds of Deaf children. Join us on this fantastic fund raiser at the magnificent Steyn City.

Golfday 2017 11:26

Golfday 2017

Join us on this fun filled day with celebrities and pro golfers raising money for a good cause!

Madiba Day 2016 23:30

Madiba Day 2016

Join the Shush Out Loud Charitable Trust for Madiba Day 2016, this incredible initiative has raised hundreds of thousands of rands to uplift underprivileged deaf schools

Madiba Day 2017 20:08

Madiba Day 2017

Join Shush Out Loud as we celebrate Mandela Day 2017 at MC Kharbai school for the deaf as we celebrate the legacy of Madiba in sunny South Africa

Meet Darren Rajbal 10:42

Meet Darren Rajbal

Meet the famous deaf hip hop dancer, Darren Rajbal.

Meet Harold Hlophe 09:37

Meet Harold Hlophe

Meet Harold Hlophe, a Deaf Barista working in Jozi, South Africa. Learn how he found this special work and the goodwill of those who support, join us for the fun!

Meet Isaac Monchwe 10:38

Meet Isaac Monchwe

Meet Isaac Monchwe!
A multifaceted film maker working right here at Shush Productions,
take a seat and prepare meet this spectacular individual!

Meet Jake Combrink 06:35

Meet Jake Combrink

Meet the talented Jake Combrink, a team member of the Shush Productions film crew. How did he become involved in the deaf community and why? Watch to find out more!

Meet Jenelle Ramsami 09:50

Meet Jenelle Ramsami

Meet the exceptionally confident Deaf model, Jenelle Ramsami

Meet Lauren Price 10:32

Meet Lauren Price

Meet Lauren Price, a dedicated puppy-professional.
Lauren does some amazing work at Paws R Us, rescuing poor pups from the mean streets of Jozi, come take a look and get

Meet Rian Cornelius 10:22

Meet Rian Cornelius

IT whizz Rian Cornelius takes us through the history of his success.
How did this deaf guy manage to build a successful business and run a happy family? Against odds and


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