CUT! - First deaf TV book published in the UK 02:21

CUT! - First deaf TV book published in the UK

Comprising two sections, the first recounts my experiences and career in Deaf television and the second is an account of the factual developments and history of Deaf tele

A Day Through a Deaf Person's Eyes 04:53

A Day Through a Deaf Person's Eyes

~directed by Rachel Soudakoff~

A glimpse of some of the different aspects of daily life for a Deaf person.

Meet Jake Combrink 06:35

Meet Jake Combrink

Meet the talented Jake Combrink, a team member of the Shush Productions film crew. How did he become involved in the deaf community and why? Watch to find out more!

Meet Marnitz Steyn 20:09

Meet Marnitz Steyn

Meet Marnitz Steyn, a Deaf Artist living in Groot Brak, Western Cape, South Africa.
Discover his incredible talent and passion for the art that he creates, watch now for

Meet Lauren Price 10:32

Meet Lauren Price

Meet Lauren Price, a dedicated puppy-professional.
Lauren does some amazing work at Paws R Us, rescuing poor pups from the mean streets of Jozi, come take a look and get

Meet Rian Cornelius 10:22

Meet Rian Cornelius

IT whizz Rian Cornelius takes us through the history of his success.
How did this deaf guy manage to build a successful business and run a happy family? Against odds and

Meet John West 14:01

Meet John West

Meet the fantastic Deaf Photographer, Artist and Africa-Enthusiast, John West.

Meet Tadgh Slattery 10:42

Meet Tadgh Slattery

Meet Tadgh Slattery, South African Paralympic Gold Medalist, follow the highlights and the lowlights in his extraordinary life.


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