Shush Out Loud Golfday 2017 06:50

Shush Out Loud Golfday 2017

Join Shush Out Loud as we raise funds for Mandela Day 2017 joined by loads of celebrities on the opulent fairways of Steyn City, watch the fun now!

Shush Out Loud 03:18

Shush Out Loud

Shush Out Loud is a Charity for various deaf schools in need with annual donations.

Shush Out Loud Golf Day 11:08

Shush Out Loud Golf Day

Golfday 2017 11:26

Golfday 2017

Join us on this fun filled day with celebrities and pro golfers raising money for a good cause!

Madiba Day 2017 20:08

Madiba Day 2017

Join Shush Out Loud as we celebrate Mandela Day 2017 at MC Kharbai school for the deaf as we celebrate the legacy of Madiba in sunny South Africa

Golf Day 2016 07:11

Golf Day 2016

Every year Shush Out Loud raises funds to better the lives of hundreds of Deaf children. Join us on this fantastic fund raiser at the magnificent Steyn City.

Madiba Day 2014 48:17

Madiba Day 2014

Shush Out Loud does it again, raising hundreds of thousands in donations for The Dominican in Hamanskraal.

Madiba Day 2015 38:35

Madiba Day 2015

Shush Out Loud celebrates Madiba Day.

First Food Delivery 02:39

First Food Delivery

Join us for the first delivery of food after Madiba Day at Ekurhuleni School for the Deaf in Kathlehong

2nd Food Delivery 02:05

2nd Food Delivery

Join Shush Out Loud in the new fabulous food delivery!

3rd Food Delivery 01:29

3rd Food Delivery

Shush Out Loud does it's final food delivery to the Ekhruleni School for the Deaf! Come with us on this grand finale.

Meet Chris Mostert 11:04

Meet Chris Mostert

Meet Chris Mostert, an Inspirational Deaf Director who leads up the production team at Shush Productions. Discover the journey that birthed Shush Productions, Deaf Africa

Madiba Day 2016 23:30

Madiba Day 2016

Join the Shush Out Loud Charitable Trust for Madiba Day 2016, this incredible initiative has raised hundreds of thousands of rands to uplift underprivileged deaf schools


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