Meet Isaac Monchwe 10:38

Meet Isaac Monchwe

Meet Isaac Monchwe!
A multifaceted film maker working right here at Shush Productions,
take a seat and prepare meet this spectacular individual!



DBL Productions & Jazz Hands - Signs of a Language proudly share the Music Video - Beautiful.

Lauren White, Dave De Burgh, Jaco Louw, Leana Van Rensbur

Meet the Shush Team 2014 04:24

Meet the Shush Team 2014

Ever wondered what happens behind the scenes at Shush Productions? Come and meet us!

Unmute 13:17


Talented Deaf Dancer Andile Vellem invites Shush Productions to spend a day at his funky workshop and shares the magic of integrated dancing.

Madiba day 2013 42:57

Madiba day 2013

Shush Productions takes a visit to MC Kharbai School for the Deaf to celebrate Madiba Day

Meet Alex Nyawo 10:56

Meet Alex Nyawo

Shush productions meets future deaf film maker, Alex Nyawo!
Join us and see what he has to sign!!!

Meet Simphiwe and Mbuso 09:25

Meet Simphiwe and Mbuso

Shush Productions interviews Simphiwe and Mbuso Mkhize! Check out the tutoring Duo at eDeaf right here.

South Africa VS Wales 2 test series 25:28

South Africa VS Wales 2 test series

Lets look back at some of Shush Productions favourite highlights of the South Africa vs. Wales Deaf Rugby 2 test series.

Meet Jake Combrink 06:35

Meet Jake Combrink

Meet the talented Jake Combrink, a team member of the Shush Productions film crew. How did he become involved in the deaf community and why? Watch to find out more!

Meet Chris Mostert 11:04

Meet Chris Mostert

Meet Chris Mostert, an Inspirational Deaf Director who leads up the production team at Shush Productions. Discover the journey that birthed Shush Productions, Deaf Africa


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