Wits Language School 09:13

Wits Language School

Madiba Day 2017 20:08

Madiba Day 2017

Join Shush Out Loud as we celebrate Mandela Day 2017 at MC Kharbai school for the deaf as we celebrate the legacy of Madiba in sunny South Africa

Kilimanjaro Challenge with Terrence Parkin 44:47

Kilimanjaro Challenge with Terrence Parkin

Kilimanjaro Challenge 2014 - St Vincent School for the Deaf

Terrence Parkin Tackles Kilimanjaro 12:34

Terrence Parkin Tackles Kilimanjaro

Join us as we follow Terrence Parkin on his brave journey through Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise funds for St. Vincent School for the Deaf in Rosebank.

Madiba day 2013 42:57

Madiba day 2013

Shush Productions takes a visit to MC Kharbai School for the Deaf to celebrate Madiba Day

First Food Delivery 02:39

First Food Delivery

Join us for the first delivery of food after Madiba Day at Ekurhuleni School for the Deaf in Kathlehong

3rd Food Delivery 01:29

3rd Food Delivery

Shush Out Loud does it's final food delivery to the Ekhruleni School for the Deaf! Come with us on this grand finale.

Madiba Day 2016 23:30

Madiba Day 2016

Join the Shush Out Loud Charitable Trust for Madiba Day 2016, this incredible initiative has raised hundreds of thousands of rands to uplift underprivileged deaf schools


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