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South Africa VS Wales 2 test series 25:28

South Africa VS Wales 2 test series

Lets look back at some of Shush Productions favourite highlights of the South Africa vs. Wales Deaf Rugby 2 test series.

Miss Deaf South Africa - Simoné Botha 02:08

Miss Deaf South Africa - Simoné Botha

Video for Miss Deaf World.
Filmed, Edited and a SoundTrack by Devon Marshbank.
All Rights Reserved.

Meet Isaac Monchwe 10:38

Meet Isaac Monchwe

Meet Isaac Monchwe!
A multifaceted film maker working right here at Shush Productions,
take a seat and prepare meet this spectacular individual!

Leading Men Do 67 Minutes 43:28

Leading Men Do 67 Minutes

Talented South African performers huddle up to do their 67 minutes for Madiba Day

The Tree & The Mirror 02:51

The Tree & The Mirror

A fantastic piece of South African Sign Language Poetry performed by Pearl Munyai.

Flag of Colors 01:29

Flag of Colors

A patriotic Sign Language poem by Proudly South African; Ayanda Ntukwana.

Meet Chico Barreto 08:39

Meet Chico Barreto

Meet Francisco Chico Barreto, the Deaf South African designer who doesn't go unnoticed!

John West talks 10:04

John West talks "Diving"

John West tells us about his diving adventures in Mozambique, come discover all the fun in the deep sea.

Meet Jenelle Ramsami 09:50

Meet Jenelle Ramsami

Meet the exceptionally confident Deaf model, Jenelle Ramsami

Meet Nazereen Captieux Bhana 12:43

Meet Nazereen Captieux Bhana

Meet a driving force behind eDeaf and a presenting personality from the south african show business, Nazereen Captieux Bhana!

Bleeding Love [Official Music Video] with Sign Language 04:30

Bleeding Love [Official Music Video] with Sign Language

Bleeding Love - Official Music Video
With Sign Language [South Africa]

Miss 1st Princess Deaf South Africa 2014, Miss 2nd Princess Deaf South Africa and Miss Deaf A

eDeaf Graduation 2015

eDeaf Graduation 2015, come celebrate with us at the first IT awards ceremony held right here at eDeaf.

Meet Marnitz Steyn 20:09

Meet Marnitz Steyn

Meet Marnitz Steyn, a Deaf Artist living in Groot Brak, Western Cape, South Africa.
Discover his incredible talent and passion for the art that he creates, watch now for

First Food Delivery 02:39

First Food Delivery

Join us for the first delivery of food after Madiba Day at Ekurhuleni School for the Deaf in Kathlehong

Meet Lauren Price 10:32

Meet Lauren Price

Meet Lauren Price, a dedicated puppy-professional.
Lauren does some amazing work at Paws R Us, rescuing poor pups from the mean streets of Jozi, come take a look and get

John West talks Road Trip 05:48

John West talks Road Trip

John West shares with us some of his travels stories in and around South Africa & Lesotho. Join him on this fun filled adventure!

Meet John West 14:01

Meet John West

Meet the fantastic Deaf Photographer, Artist and Africa-Enthusiast, John West.


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